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Proactive Link is an independent consulting firm. We are focused on providing our customers with the necessary tools they need to achieve I.T. operational excellence in deploying, managing, and securing the infrastructure. Using our methods, our customers will gain the competitive edge they need to perfect their business.


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Our Goal is to take your IT headaches away so you can concentrate on running your business!

Some Of Our Awesome Services​

We help small and medium-sized businesses by transforming their current services from reactive to proactive and provide modern experience that is innovative and future-ready.

Proactive Maintenance

Our Pro-Active IT Support means that we’ll identify and resolve issues before they impact your business. On average, clients see a 70% reduction in support issues in the first few months.


It is our goal to ensure that you spend the least amount of time necessary for day-to-day operations while maximizing business efficiency by knowing your systems are secure and highly available. We use the right tools for the job and provide sound decision making, so your business is always taking its best stride forward.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services is no longer a choice. So why not choose the local experts to keep you infection free! We use a multi-layer approach of services and products to keep your email and systems secure.

Cloud & Office 365

Cloud Services are a very hot topic at present. Most people don’t understand what they are or how important it is to assess what services are a good fit for migrating and which should stay in house. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great example and takes all of the usual suite of trusted applications and moves them into a continually developing cloud based service.

Disaster Recovery

Backup is often overlooked by businesses, but not backing up and having a disaster recovery plan can lead to lost work which ultimately costs you money. We provide cost-effective back up and DR solutions so that you can save time and money when things go wrong.

IT Strategy

IT is an integral part of any modern organisation, but without a flexible and robust IT strategy in place it’s hard to keep up with demand. We’ll show you how to make the most of your software and hardware so you can get a good return on your investment and develop a plan of action that aligns with your business goals.

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Your Trusted Technology Partner

We Deliver Excellent Service

Are you looking for a knowledgeable and reliable IT partner who can help you achieve your business goals? You’re not alone; But choosing a service provider who won’t let you down and will always be one step ahead of the game isn’t always easy. We Identify based on extensive industry experience what the best fit is for your business. We will always provide clear, honest communication. We never under-estimate the importance of trust in our business partnerships, which is why we’ll never make you promises we can’t keep.

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Build faster

Our Strategy

We proactively monitor and maintain your infrastructure to secure your revenue through business continuity. Proactive Link has a proprietary method of weighing solutions based on more than merely technical measurements. We Identify based on extensive industry experience what the best fit is for your business. Our core foundation is our ability to provide unbiased advice. As an independent consulting firm, we provide our clients with assurance and agility in an ever-changing environment.

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